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Hour of Slack #1273 - Rerun of #787 from 2001 - Good ESO Radio & Devival

We're rerunning an especially good oldie this week. There's plenty of new material to edit from last X-Day Drill, the DEVOtional and beyond, but we suffered a small hard drive malfunction at the Slackermansion studios -- nothing too terrible, but it prompted us to embark on a long-overdue and time-consuming Operation Back-Up. This 2001 rerun features recordings from the Golden Age of Hour of Slack/Einstein's Secret Orchestra collaborations (before Prof. Chas Smith died), including a Cleveland devival with classic ESO songs and a Swamp Radio show. There's also some great music by Little Fyodor, The Morning 40 Federation and the now-defunct SubGenius techno band, St. N and Helena Handbasket. It starts out raunchy and dumbly funny with our first airplay of Fat Harry White, then turns gradually more seriously Con-hating.


The week this show was assembled, I, Stang and Princess Wei got married and moved into the Slackermansion.



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