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Hour of Slack #1279b - Rerun of #903, Philo at 6X-Day Drill

The real episode #1279, a mostly-girls mess from 13X-Day Drill, is so XXX-rated that it can only be distributed on the Internet. We had to send our broadcast stations an alternate 'clean' show, and it's this rerun of #903 from 2004 and the 6X-Day Drill. Only, this is the unclean, profanitized version of what we sent the stations. Some great reporting by Dr. Philo Drummond on the Puzzling Evidence show about his 6X-Day adventure forms the core, with location recordings from the event illustrating or contradicting his memories. Some of our oldest collage tapes from the early 1980s, before Hour of Slack, are included, particularly the UFO-oriented material from Media Barrage #2 (1982).

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