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Hour of Slack #1280 - Great New Music by Various SubGenius Artists

I, Stang got busy with my online SubGenius History/Cult-Running class this week, and we suddenly came into a lot of really great, previously unreleased music, so this is one of those "Sons of Zappa" mostly-music shows that we produce now and then. LeMur, The Large, Sudasana, SlanderBob, and Mr. Rection provided many collages, and our frequent caller Bernard is represented, but mainly it's a new/old Rudy Schwartz Project album -- new to Hour of Slack anyway -- and an incredible CD by some folks we met last X-Day Drill, who assemble ear-ripping music under the name RAINBOW. Consortium of Genius also has a new CD out, with a hymn to Cthulhu on it (with guest SubGenius vocals); Rev. Bleepo Abernathy did a beautiful "Beautiful World" cover; and we nabbed two songs from the movie satire about rock stardom, "Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story." WARNING: after you hear this show, at least one of these songs will be stucking looping in your head as the worst brainworm you've ever had.

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