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Hour of Slack #1282 - Live 11-7-2010: Religious Pledge Drive Steamroller

We were sent several mysterious and, it turns out, wonderful CDs from new contributors, and (for starts) these various Sons of Negativland form a nifty background for our annual pledge drive show for WCSB-Cleveland. Even after the pledge drive has ended in Cleveland, even if the sorry excuses for listeners have no intention of pledging, the ranting, collages and music in the episode will be better than they deserve. Only the Great Ones who contributed are worthy to hear this; and yet, we allow the rest to hear it anyway. Stang goes completely apeshit in the last half. But remember -- until you pledge, you're just eavesdropping.

Online credit card pledges can be made at; the phone number until Nov. 14 is 216-687-6900. (We removed the full number and other details to prevent confusion when this is heard on other stations besides WCSB.)

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