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Hour of Slack #1294 - Focus (If We Can't Take a Joke) on "Bob" (Rerun of 836)

What's startling about this classic episode is that, even though it was recorded in May 2002, it might as well have been recorded yesterday, SO LITTLE HAVE THINGS CHANGED. For that matter, the many excerpts from 1983's SubGenius Media Barrage Tape #5 sound even more relevant now than they did then! It is as if the Church of the SubGenius is always one jump ahead of the Conspiracy, if only in knowledge. (Think if it were POWER!) The centerpiece of this show is a recording of a truly brilliant -- and terrifying -- rant by Father Joe Mama, recorded in Hamburg, Germany. Everything about the show echoes uncannily and creepily with today's headlines. ((NOTE: We'll be back to new shows next week; this is the last rerun.))

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