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Hour of Slack #1307 - Audiobook: The Agent and Mr. Dobbs Pt. 1 (Live May 1, '11)

After a mere 10 minutes of collages and fellow Show-mongers (Puzzling Evidence, Susie the Floozie, Firesign Theatre), Stang reads Part One of Rev. Teeters LaVerge's ongoing report/short story, "The Agent and Mr. Dobbs." Rev. Angry Larry covers DEVO (SubG-style) and then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to discuss his tumor, the theft of his thunder, his cousin's panties, Princess Wei's tail, modern health care, "Bob," and The Conspiracy. Stang reads a revised, updated version of Martin Niemoller's "Then They Came For The . . ." and reveals secrets of Doktors 4 "Bob." Part 2 of Onan Canobite's classic "B.O.B." closes the show.

We will attempt to read the rest of "The Agent and Mister Dobbs" on subsequent shows, because it gets better and better. (Teeters has translated and delivered up to Part 6.)

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