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Hour of Slack #1308 - The Agent & Mr. Dobbs Pts. 2 and 3 - plus Firesign Rarities

An unusual episode! One third is Stang reading from "The Agent and Mr. Dobbs," Parts 2 and 3, a top-secret manuscript from 1962 that was supplied to us by Rev. Teeters LaVerge. Another third is priceless, rare recordings of our inspirators, The Firesign Theatre, from their 1970 Radio Hour Hour, only recently unearthed for the book/DVD set called DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS. Unless you have that book/DVD set, or are an elderly Californian, you have not heard these particular Firesign pieces. (Notice that Phil Austin, in his TV Guide take-offs, mentions both "Bob" and X-Day -- in 1970!) The rest includes strangely pertinent songs (new to us) by Girl Talk, Laibach and Tom Smith, and some extreme oldies by Puzzling Evidence (from 1979, BEFORE his radio show) and Einstein's Secret Orchestra live with Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave at the Starwood Pufferdome in 1999.

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