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Hour of Slack #1315 - Live 6-26: X-Day Approacheth -- THE FINAL MOMENTS, Dr. Hal Vs. Lonesome Cowboy Dave

Dr. Hal of The Ask Dr. Hal Show and Puzzling Evidence joins us live in the studios of WCSB Cleveland for one last farewell to the planet. . . although we did another 2 hours on Radio Synaesthesia, immediately following this hour, which will comrpise the next two Hour of Slack episodes, probably. Cast of this intense episode: Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei, and Dr. Sinister. Frankly it is mostly Hal and Dave. Imagine trying to keep up with those two. Considering the deadline -- leaving the the planet in a few days, or at worst overseeing two week-long festivals -- this was by far the easiest show I, Stang, have ever done. Mainly I just watched the volumes and let the two masters have at it.

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