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Hour of Slack #1317 - Live 6-27: Radio Synaesthesia, Dr. Hal, Pisces: X-Day Approacheth III

Firstly, both the 14th X-Day Drill and Starwood 31 went off beautifully. Attendance was up and so were countless tent poles. We recorded so many wonderful and terrible photos, videos and audio clips that future Hours of Slack will reflect the culling process for a dozen episodes to come. This week, however, we are in both physical recovery and unpacking-mode, so we are lucky to have this easy-to-assemble final hour from the June 26-27 heroic all-talk 3-hour intermingling of Hour of Slack and Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia on WCSB in Cleveland. Live in the studio were Dr. Sinister, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Hal Robins and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe; on the phone lines were Priestess Pisces, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Gov. Rocknar and someone called Wombat. Three very old collages by LeMur are included, but mostly this is uncut talk covering almost everything plus a little about 14X-Day. Next week: the first of many editing-heavy 14X-Day (and Starwood Festival) audio "best-ofs." We hope to have a photo essay or two in gallery form on in the EVENTS section fairly soon. The 23 hours of video may take more time to edit and transfer. Then there was the 3D documentary crew that shot much of 14X-Day; they had better recording gear than ANYBODY, so we can only imagine what that project will eventually produce. (P.S.: Last week's show was uploaded and put online from a coffeehouse in Athens, Ohio during Starwood festival #31.)

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