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Hour of Slack #1324 - Pink Rage SubMusic for SubMisfits (14X-Day 7: A Little of Everything)

One of the funniest Dr. Hal lectures in history (on Superman) is imbedded amidst some of our favorite songs by various bands from 14X-Day, as well as some killer rants ("killer" possibly meant literally in these cases) and some mind-rip collage by The Large. Songs include originals, parodies, mash-ups, experimental, and just plain Mental. Performers include Priestess Pisces, Evolution Control Committee, The Duke of Uke with Rev. Bunny Day, Popess Pantiara Evokavitch (SINGING!), Boron Nuzzle, Dr. Hal, Papa Joe Mama, St. Andrew the Impaled, Dr. Sinister, Rev. Jannus Blackseed, Phat ManDee and the award-winning heckler, Dr. Dark.

Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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