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Hour of Slack #1325 - 14X-Day 8: Pure Live Hour of Slack from Wisteria Stage with Dr. Hal, Papa Joe, Stang/Doe

This is the live on-stage Hour of Slack from Sunday, July 3 at the Wisteria café -- the first hour, anyway. After some media barrages it gets off to a somewhat slow start, as Dr. Hal and Papa Joe were both distracted and "multitasking" at first, leaving Princess Wei and I, Stang to, well, sing something horrible. Then it picks up steam as the other participants become more involved. I, Stang read from several key documents by other SubGeniuses. Nenslo's classic song "Take Me Off to Space" ends the episode. There was another half hour recorded that day, but we'll have to put that on an "X-Rated Internet-Only" show, as it involves some Dr. Legume Story Time. My personal favorite aspect of this episode is how much time it saved me for other SubGenius projects. I only had to cut a few cusswords for the radio stations, and there was none of the intense volume-twiddling and filter-rendering that goes with the 50-track "variety" episodes. Plus, let's face it, Dr. Hal and Papa Joe are god damned geniuses. Were it not for their Divine Follies we'd have to disqualify them from this particular religion. And it's a damn shame that Lonesome Cowboy Dave couldn't be there. Next week: The Naked Bobtism documentary.

 Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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