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Hour of Slack #1329 - Live @ WCSB, 2011-10-09

 This was our first live broadcast show from WCSB-Cleveland since our financial crisis hit home. After some collage and great music (mostly arranged by The Large) we touch on that subject by reading a few of the many emails we got in the duration, letters which range from funny to quite touching. We alternated those with some limericks written by Rev. Hazel of the Windmills and Tater Gumfries, a song ABOUT taters by The Rudy Schwartz Project, and discussions of the Occupy movement, the nature of the Presidency, the sheer dumbness of humans (even as compared with SubGenii) and many other subjects, including an upcoming (Oct. 15) mini-devival near Cleveland, the NE Ohio Witches Ball. Note how carefully we don't exactly fund-raise. There is however a fund-raiser rant/collage at the very end, after a Ministry of Slack/Evolution Control Committee jam that ended the show in the broadcast, PG-rated version.



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