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Hour of Slack #1342 – Atheism and The Conspiracy, with Penn Jillette, Ship of State 2, More Wor

Rev. Penn Jillette -- yes, a real SubGenius Minister -- wrote a book (partly about atheism) called "God, No!" and in this episode we excerpt the first chapter of his audiobook. It simply kicks ass. Some discussion about the late Christopher Hitchins from a recent Radio Synaesthesia ties into it, as does Part 2 of Rev. Xister's "Ship of State" media barrage. Bits of Puzzling Evidence, The Large, and a sermon by Rev."Suds" Pshaw work themselves in, and the show climaxes with a touching Xmas "Bob" hymn by Popess Pantiara Evokavitch. This episode was produced somewhat "on the fly" at Stang Ranch, Stangsville, Texas just before Xistlessnessmess 2011, so some subject matter (such as Kim Jong Il's death) may seem unseemly and untimely. Well, that's Time Control for you.

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