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Hour of Slack #1344 - "Bob," God, Money and Drugs (Rerun of #843 (2002))

We have had no time to edit the hours of location recordings from our SubGenius Road Trip, much less the Puzzling Evidence shows from its midpoint, so we're again presenting an especially good rerun -- at least, the label on the master had a scrawl on it in Stangwriting saying "Good one!" (I, Stang, have not actually heard it since 2002!) We know from the log however (seen at that it has a fine Pater Nostril collage from devivals and other things, music by Saint N and Hellena Handbasket, lots of clips from good old Media Barrage Tape #5 (1982), LeMur, Nu-Monet, and Artemia Salina collages, much best live ESO Swamp Radio with Dave, Chas, StangDoe and callers, Puzzling Evidence, a Glassmadness classic "Bob" hymn, and even RastaBillyBob and "Zeeza." MANY of these contributors are now dead or vanished! So it MUST be good!

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