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Hour of Slack #1351 - Early Mourning Memorial Party for the Late Saint Peter Bergman

One of our heroes died: St. Peter Bergman of The Firesign Theatre, inspirators for all "old-school" SubGenius radio and a goodly portion of SubGeniusness in general. He pre-boarded the Saucers on March 8, 2012; this show was assembled on March 10 & 11. Most of it features especially Bergmanesque clips from one of hundreds of weekly Firesign radio shows, in this case their foutrth, from Feb. 15, 1970 -- which we copped from Rev. Taylor Jessen's great book and Firesign radio compilation, "Duke of Madness Motors" (available from We've also included some better-known short classics from the albums, an interview with Phil Proctor about Peter, and much commentary posted by various SubGeniuses as read by Rev. Ivan Stang. Of special interest are three promos for a Firesign monthly show on now-defunct XM Radio, co-written and produced/performed by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy with The Firesign Theatre a few years back. The ending is a real tear-jerker, so if you're an old TFT fan, be prepared. If you're a "new kid" who has never heard of them, catching up on their work probably wouldn't hurt you.

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