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Hour of Slack #1353 - SubGenius Family Vacation Part 3:  Death, Sickness and "Bob"

The Texas vacation theme in this episode kept mutating into a "vacation from health and life" theme for some reason. That's just how the material sorted itself out. Sometimes that happens. We offer two songs by The Deathbillies, one from The Psycho Skeletons, an excerpt from Fever in the Funkhouse live, and clips from Radio Synaesthesia, The Ask Dr. Hal podcast, The Puzzling Evidence Show, and, well, Deadwood. There are also a large Large collarge, two rare Firesign bits (both by Rev. David Ossman), Dr. Philo Drummond, and a whole bunch of goats. A rather candid recording of the Rev. and Princess Stang-Doe chatting as they stroll through the grounds of Stang Ranch in Texas provides some hidden surprises to those who listen closely.

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