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Hour of Slack #1354 - Live 2012-03-25 - Stang's Hilarious Terminal Cancer

Firstly, our Facebook post on April 1 about the Church shutting down was an April Fools Day joke. I am truly sorry that we have to spell that out.

We sure had fun with this live show from March 25, 2012. Long ago the True SubGenii abandoned the Usenet forum called "alt.slack" to the PinKooks it had attracted, and started a new, Members-only group called ScrubGenius. This severely upset the left-behind, Stang-hating, "Bob"-disparaging, SubGenius-despising individuals, who were few but who also hate each other more than they ever hated the rest of us OR The Conspiracy. A couple of them fantasized online that Rev. Stang had come down with prostate cancer. They eagerly believed each other on this point. The actual SubGeniuses, observing from the Yetinsyn-only ScrubGenius forum, took full advantage of this mob delusion and did their best to confirm the lie in order to prompt ever more entertaining outbursts of mistaken gloating. In truth, Stang was perfectly healthy (aside from a broken toe), and encouraged the hoax. This episode of Hour of Slack was produced, even while the hoax was ongoing, to demonstrate how gullible any generic "hater" is. We SubGenii, plotting fairly openly on another forum, set up these jealous bastards expertly, and they fell for it with a passion. By the time they hear, or hear-tell-of, this Cleveland broadcast, it will be 2 weeks after they'd started making fools of themselves. The first 20 minutes of the show, thankfully, are a series of very well edited collages by the main Ministry of Slack hosts, and also included in the show are some songs by The Deathbillies, Fist of Kindness (our literary agent's band!), and a mystery band, "SC77". Likewise offered are some good health-related and X-Day-promoting clips of The Puzzling Evidence Show from the weeks that Stang was held captive by Dr. Philo Drummond in the San Francisco area.

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