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Hour of Slack #1356 - Argyle Hour of Slack #1

This episode was Made In Germany With American Parts. Rev. Bucky Argyle, who lives in Germany, unexpectedly sent us this completed show (in both X-rated and PG versions!), leaving a couple of instrumental breaks for credits, which were added in Cleveland as best we could from his rough list of tracks. His source material ranges from 1981 SubGenius tapes with Dr. G. Gordon Gordon to mysterious brand-new tracks snagged from YouTube videos, with a little of everything in between, like oddball songs, devival preaching, and kook clips. A true Media Barrage in the spirit of the early Pleistocene pre-Hour of Slack church tapes. Some of it is Olde SubGenius "best-of" while other audio treasures are completely new to the rest of us. The rant by (?) at the end is a must-hear.

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