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Hour of Slack #1357 - Live 2012-4-15 - Protozoan Sex, Etc. With Dr. Sinister

The first 15 minutes of the show are wonderful collages and music, by DEVO (new and mostly unreleased), Rev. Royal de Capitator, The Large, The Deathbillies, The Psycho Skeletons, Rev. Cozmik Debris (with NEW "PR NOOZ!"), Dr. Slackjaw, the Ministry of Slack and The Horror of Party Beach. Then the "ON AIR" display lit up, Dave called in, and, well, you know. We went off on some tangents. Then Dr. Sinister entered the studio, and he added more tangents. A great motherlode of tangents, contradictory as that may seem. We enjoyed it, but it took 6 hours and much movie viewing to slow down and go to sleep after performing this live show. I, Stang, was somewhat agitated and worked-up for some reason, probably the return of health after an ankle injury during our 3 months of travel.

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