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Hour of Slack #1359 - National Parks: Referees in the Pinks Vs. Nature SemiFinals

This episode features even more location recordings than do other recent ones of Stang & Doe describing various aspects of their winter travels through the Southwestern deserts. Despite these motormouth recordings being edited down to about 5% of their original lengths, it's still a large percentage of utterly unscripted ramblings, even for The Hour of Slack -- although they do build into rants near the end. We have therefore attempted to provide relief and variety in the form of strange and wondrous music by Carlo Serafino, a horrible Unknown English Lady, The Psycho Skeletons, and The Swinging Love Corpses. We also continue to mine The Ask Dr. Hal Shows and Puzzling Evidence of last winter, and The Firesign Theatre from a winter 42 years ago. ((Can that really be possible?!?))

The New Mexico State Parks described in this episode are City of Rocks and Rockhound State Park, both near Deming, New Mexico. Our edited (and Photoshopped!) photos of City of Rocks and Rockhound State Parks


We suggest reading "The Suggestions."

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