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Hour of Slack #1361 - The ASK DR. HAL Show with Drummond, Stang & Zero Boy

As X-Day looms, Sacred Scribe Rev. Stang has less time to put into complex mixes. One option in such cramped periods is to use uncut, or slightly cut, live other SubGenius shows recorded elsewhere. Last February, SubGenius Church co-sub-founders Dr. Philo Drummond and Stang appeared with other guests twice on Dr. Hal's 2-hour show on Radio Valencia in San Francisco. The first one -- and 3 live Puzzling Evidence shows -- are strewn among other Hours of Slack, along with our usual unusual collages, music and vacation reports, with more to come when we again achieve Time Control. However, the second Ask Dr. Hal show, just re-discovered, was Hour-of-Slack-ready and then some. About halfway into the show, a creature known as Zero Boy arrived. We suspect his machine-like vocal sound effects will blow your mind as they blew ours.

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