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Hour of Slack #1363 - Live 2012-6-3: Past Vs. Future / Easter Island

Right after a short opening about Recent African Origins by the host of the show before ours at WCSB, Charleston Okafor, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon reveals the meaning of life -- seriously! -- in 2 minutes. That one rant justifies the whole rest of the show. Opening collages are mostly by Rev. Royal de Capitator and Ministry of Slack, with a nice instrumental by The Psycho Skeletons. (The Deadwood soundbites sound a LOT different on the broadcast version, by the way.) The next 46 minutes are live studio yak (Lonesome Cowboy Dave on phone) with a lovely background "rug" (as we sound people call background music) from The Flyin' Ryan Brothers' new album. The conversation rambles all over the place, although the subject of history repeating itself, well, repeats itself in various ways. There's a lot about Early African Origins and recent DNA-related advances in paleoanthropology connecting Neanderthals and Denisovans to modern non-African humans. Stang provides a brief history of Easter Island, which suddenly captured our interest the day before this show. The swiftly increasing superstition and gullibility in mass media and its audience is addressed with disgust disguised as humor. You can find the complete log in the radio page of

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