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Hour of Slack #1365 - Dumbass-Baiting Special: Stang Retires, Legume/Pisces Now In Charge

We had hoped to keep the "Stang Retires, Leaves All to Legume and Pisces" hoax going, but circumstances forced our hands. Oh well, the prank was probably played out anyway. Butthurt and ragequitting happen very quickly on the Internet, especially among saps, chumps, dipshits, the undiscerning, and especially the wishful thinkers. We're sure that this episode, and the transparent hoax from which it sprang, will cause hundreds of dense Bobbies to quit the Church who never joined in the first place, and has lost us many dollars that we never would have seen anyway from the many whining GimmeBobs. Dr. Legume and Priestess Pisces guest with Lonesome Cowboy Dave in mockery of those who fell, EAGERLY, for the latest in a 30-year history of SubGenius Bobbie-Outing pranks. This one was the best yet, judging from what we're hearing from anybody who had enough sense to realize that "Stang retiring" and "Legume as New Fascist Overlord" was an utterly preposterous gag meant to flush out the rats in the Church sewers. It worked perfectly. A big change of pace, and an excellent farewell-to-the-chumps for our X-Day celebrations at Wisteria.

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