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Hour of Slack #1368 -- July 1 Uncut Live Pre-X-Day Special with Dr. Hal

I, Stang, am posting this from Wisteria campground in Southern Ohio during Starwood Festival, just having finished X-Day Drill #17 (or 15 X-Day, if you prefer). We recorded so many sermons, band performances, live shows, human blockhead acts, weddings, Giant Dick-Eating Spider fights, and embarrassing private conversations during X-Day that it'll require 15 Hours of Slack just to play the BEST stuff. The very first recording was a good omen. We did this WCSB studio show -- and two subsequent hours on Radio Synaesthesia -- the night before we left Cleveland. Our Church Brain Trust and Master of Secrets, Dr. Hal, was in the studio with us as well as Dr. Sinister, and LoneCow Dave by phone; we covered MANY scientific and doctrinal points of confusion and argument, all the while preparing to head to a campground which happened that week to be in a part of the country just declared a National Emergency Area by the Feds due to violent storms. Ironically, our goal, the SubGenius festival area, Wisteria, went completely unaffected by power outages, water shortages, or any other end of the cataclysms that were afflicting all cities in several states AROUND Wisteria for the entire week. In fact we recorded 8 hours or more of live Hour of Slack at Wisteria with many great Beautants from among the old-school original SubGenius preachers. One highlight of this show (safely recorded in the Cleveland studio, unbeset by the violent weather actually heard in the location shows to come) is Dr. Hal's vivid description of his expedition into the Arizona Sonoran desert to capture a Bufo alvarius or Colorado River Toad, a creature whose venom, when scraped, dried and smoked, makes you high as a lord, capable of seeing "Bob" on the off chance that he might choose to appear.





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