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Hour of Slack #1370 -- Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave July 8 Post-X-Day live show/ GGG Rant on Batman Movie Massacre

This, to me (Stang), is a better than usual Hour of Slack, because I as show host was lucky enough to have both Dr. Hal and Lonesome Cowboy Dave in the studio at WCSB -- and, halfway through the show, Dr. Sinister. You cannot get much more pure audio Slack than that -- unless you also have Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, who emailed us a topical (!) short rant about the Batman Movie Massacre, inserted near the beginning. (Technically, Dave was phoning in, but since he's generally the only person ALLOWED to phone in, he might as well have been in the studio.) The conversation between the Doktors of the Air ranges from 15X-day, which had ended earlier that very day, to DAMNED NEAR EVERYTHING ELSE, such as, for instance, Fleischer cartoons and how the "human blockhead" sideshow act is done. Both Dr. Hal and Dave turn in STERLING performances. We still have almost 3 more hours with these worthies from Dr. Sinister's show, and our hope for upcoming episodes is to intercut that material with the location X-Day recordings of rants, music and "radio shows" -- a truly daunting editing task, the thought of which makes me (to quote Little Big Man) "shrivel like a spider on a hot stove."

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