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Hour of Slack #1378 -- The Day The World Didn't End (with Sam Singleton Part 1)

Some very new, some very old! Lots of collages by The Large and LeMur are interspersed with songs, Part One of an amazing rant about religion by Sam Singleton, The Atheist Evangelist (more to come in the weeks ahead), and a live show from the Wisteria café with Papa Joe Mama, Dr. Hal, Priestess Pisces, G. Gordon Gordon and Rev. Stang. We hear music by The Duke of Uke, Phat ManDee with Dr. Hal and Wei. Also included is an extremely old-school Stang rant about X-Day and a very bizarre clip of Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave on ESO Swamp Radio from the olden days.

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