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Hour of Slack #1383 - A SubGenius Wedding & Mighty Yeti Bands

This episode enjoys the advantage of having a lot of Rev. Angry Larry's and Rev. "Suds" Pshaw's guitar work all over it. There's also excellent cuts from live X-Day performances by Andrew the Impaled, The Evolution Control Committee and Amoeba Knievel. Like DEVO and Little Fyodor, Tommy epitomizes the lone weirdo yowling in the wilderness. We hear a poem from the baby voice-pipes of Rev. Baby Bear, and lots of collage by LeMur. Dr. Hal, Philo, GGG and Stang build up anticipation for the climax of the show, the romantic wedding of Rev. Gorgon Mylar (mispronounced by Stang as "Millar") and Princess Squirrel-Face. This was the next-to-last day of the festival and a discerning listener can tell that the Old Preachers are getting a mite rough around the edges by then.

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