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Hour of Slack #1385 - ELECTION RESULTS SPECIAL - Live 2012-11-4

"I'm Tired of Bronco Bomney!"

Time Control! On November 4, we already knew who would be President both before and after the recount! So in this special live show, we celebrate America's great new destiny under our glorious leader, as well as the terrifying changes it will bring as it shuffles toward Bethlehem Steel. Also: Rev. Jannus Blackseed's sermon from 15X-Day, pertinent songs by Rev. Phineas Narco, Devo Dan and Jonathan Coulton, killerlages by LeMur, G. Gordon Gordon mini-rants. SUPER-MONSTER-GEEK QUIZ: Can you identify the background music and sound effects? Winner gets to sleep with Lonesome Cowboy Dave and briefly make him just plain Cowboy Dave.

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