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Hour of Slack #1387 - Rerun of #942 - The Invisible Collage

With this rerun we buy time to give the last of the 15X-Day recordings the attention they deserve. This is a live show from 5-9-04 with Princess Wei, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, and Stang in the station, but it's also the premiere of "The One-Liners Collage" v 01.1 -- an intense collage of collages, mostly by Fernandinande Lemur but also with great cut-ups by Norel Pref, Rev. nu-monet, Rev. Artemia Salina, Heart Ignition, iDRMRSR and others. There are songs by The Bonzo Dog Band and Hank Flloyd & the Swerving Headlights, and music by Norel Pref.

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