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Hour of Slack #1402 - StangDoe on Puzzling Evidence Pt. 2 - Clown Atlas

Second half of the 2-hour Puzzling Evidence show of Feb. 8, 2013 with Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Rev. Stang, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, K-Rob, Michael Peppe and numerous callers, including Rev. Baby Bear. Topics heatedly discussed include the then-upcoming asteroid-Earth collision, red dwarf stars breeding superior beings, the Princess Wei Fan Club, Hal's 12 step success and real estate plan, The Party of Giant Sharks who can't sleep, New Advanced Amoebas, the Steeple People, Richard the Third's skeleton, more Church, less air, the cerebral "taint" and more. "This show is The Brain's Bumper Sticker." The last 8 minutes are actually the first 8 minutes of a very early show, #287.


Philo's Description: "The Show regulars are joined by KROB, Michael Peppe and the STANGS (not a new bandname) in whirlwind food service performance that goes beyond the pail or bucket, as it were. In this Show, Church Secrets, Inside-Jokes, Overly Extended Concepts, Preposterously Loveable Conspiracy Theories, are killed while the callers fight desperately for a word. The Puzzling Evidence Radio Show on KPFA. Like an fine old chum bucket filled with half-baked concepts and sweet pickles in an arresting array of florid putrefication."

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