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Hour of Slack #1406 - Monkey Zombie Life with Michael Peppe & Dr. Hal

We again intersperse parts of the Ask Dr. Hal Show of 2-15-2013 with appropriate Jonathan Coulton songs and F. LeMur's collage work. The conversation is energetic, as this episode especially features the great Michael Peppe along with host Dr. Hal and other guests Dr. Philo Drummond, Puzzling Evidence and Rev. Stang. Many subject matters are touched upon, or in some cases struck forcefully, including zombies -- but not the Pink kind -- and monkeys, including the Pink kind. Also: devil worship and the Church; slug bears; Tartar sauce; bootstraps vs. petards; immortality, Philo-style; SubGenius Chain Gang Lounge Music; Steeple People and the fact that those who call everybody else "sheeple" usually fit the definition of "sheeple" perfectly; and bluff and lies as a path to self-confidence and confidence schemes.

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