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Hour of Slack #1411 - The SubGenius Video Game / Live 2013-4-28

This episode isn't ONLY about the SubGenius Video Game, but that project is discussed in detail on a recent Puzzling Evidence show. We play more new songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project and an El Queso oldie, some new/old collages, and much live chatter by StangDoe in the studio and Lonesome Cowboy Dave phoning it in, as it were. (His BUZZ is GONE!) We had no idea what we were going to talk about going in, and we ended up disecting the movie Upstream Color, the new "Bob" Hates Pinks movement, sex trends at X-Day Drills, rival cults, and scaly-legged hippie lizards. Stang reads a bit from THE PSYCHLOPAEDIA OF SLACK.

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