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Hour of Slack #1420 - 18th X-Day Drill Report #1 - Live from WCSB, July 7

Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang returned from the rugged and muddy X-Day campground to Cleveland's WCSB just in time to razz Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Dr. Sinister and all seven listeners about everything they missed by not camping in the rain this year. They actually missed a lot, and our sympathies go out to all like them. We are running this breathless immediate report first, but it will be followed by the pre-and-post X-Day "2013" recordings, more or less chronologically, for probably the next 20 Hours of Slack. This year's unique physical challenges probably generated some of the best moments that were captured. Luckily, the location and soundboard recordings all sound great, which almost makes up for the world NOT ENDING, GOD DAMN IT! Oh well. Back to the old drawing and quartering board.

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