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Hour of Slack #1426 - A Beloved Dobbs-Approved Episode from 1986

Fossil SubGenius at its best. Being a rerun of Hour of Slack #61 (late 1986), it features: Classic Explanatory Media Barrage 5 and "Intro Barrage" mix; Young Puzzling Evidence solo; Stang's report on the first Hour of Slack volunteer meeting; Dr. Philo Drummond "On the Road"; Palmer Vreedeez' World Without Slack scene with Jesus and Jim Jones, read by Stang; Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger's "The Mutron" educational lecture (shortened due to an accidental broadcasting of the word "fucking"); Stang making excuses for the "fucking"; the touching ""Bob" Cleave" song by early Drs. 4 Wotan (Sterno, Satellite Weavers, Stang); Dr. Hal and Gary G'Broagfran operate on Puzzling Evidence; Stang's long "Drunk Tank" spirit-filled rant (over "The Final Squirt" by The Swingin' Love Corpses; Rev. ann's UFO Radio tape; "Bob" & Dad's Sex Education; the renegade priest from The Poseidon Adventure; The Baab; The Drunken Preacher;and the song "Froppin'" by The Swinging Love Corpses.

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