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Hour of Slack #1430 - Radio in the Raw - Live from Caffeina's

Dr. K'taden Legume and Rev. Baby Bear join Dr. Hal and Stang on the Wisteria stage for yet another unedited Whour of Babble-On, this one recorded on July 4, "2013." The "Witch Disco" album by Einstein's Secret Orchestra is the background music. Among many other subjects covered: Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. The Naked Bobtism and Brain Eating Amoebas. Tree Lobsters of the Lost Island. The SubGenius Anthill. 1 minute of Slack worth 70 years of torture. Edgar Cayce and the George Pal movie, "Atlantis." Resurrecting dead enemies to torture them more on X-Day. It's OK to repent on your deathbed, "Bob" won't mind. Destroying brain cells leaves room for new false memories. Backstage at the Cacophony show. Nekkid SubG pics and the Internet. Mumblecore. Some good monster movies. Papa Joe Mama, Dr. Kevorkian, Jack Chick, comics, and SubGenius. The Enemy You Know Best. Reverend Got Too Drunk. Last SubG Death Planet Standing. Legume's Planet of Broken Glass. Smiths vs. False Smi. Fartyrdom, not martyrdom. It's God's fault. We're hard on Daves. The Daves of Our Lives. The argument for pet-killing. Legume's Bobtism career. 55 Minutes of Slack. The Split Second of Slack. Masturbating in the womb.

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