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Hour of Slack #1437 - The Complete 1998 Starwood Devival with Einstein's Secret Orchestra

After 15 years in suspended animation, we unveil this excellent recording of a historic SubGenius devival with the band ESO or Einstein's Secret Orchestra in their devivalin' prime. This was professionally recorded before a large audience two weeks after X-Day "1998," on the main stage at the 18th Starwood Festival. This Internet version is uncut; the broadcast version doesn't have Chas Smith's song "Us and All Our Friends Are So Fucked Up," which is presented here in its live sing-along glory. The band features Chas on vocals and keyboards, Michelle George on electric violin, Lonesome Cowboy Dave on guitar, Bob Mozick on drums and Princess Wei on vocals. Preacher Rev. Stang goes hard in the motherfuckin' paint as well. The is probably one of the best recordings of any live SubGenius stage show -- and it's one of our best shows of the 1990s. The devival is book-ended by some cut-ups and compositions by The Large and includes LeMur's PR Gnus.


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