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Hour of Slack #1450 - Sacred Hernia & Kidney Stone Special - Live "2014"-2-2

I guess it wasn't that horrible of a show after all. Driving home afterwards I (Stang) always remember them being horrible, especially this one, but, playing it back, I can't tell the difference anyway. Sacred or else funny songs are interspersed with live blabbertiyak at the WCSB Cleveland studio, our second favorite place to be when it's zero degrees below zero outside. Starts with collages by Dances With Rockets and Champion Jack Codini, and music by Mayan Ruins, Rev. Phineas Narco, Saint N and Helena Handbasket, The King, and Panting Antics. Somewhere in there is also a pretty gross (yet "clean"!) monolog by the great fat Harry White. Crop circles are discussed, as are the SubGenius Movie, the New Age vs. The Old Age, and some guy named "Bob."

 Music Video of Lonesome Cowboy Dave's song "THE PRESIDENT'S ON THE PHONE"

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