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Hour of Slack #1462 - Rudy Schwartz Project Vs. Papa Joe Mama

The new Rudy Schwartz Project album "Winter Dance of the Koala Sperm Harvest" is stupefyingly great. One might even venture to declare it "awesome, totes." You'll undergo severe gut blowout when you hear "Fuck the Guy from the N.S.A.," and then the rest of your organs will leap out of your body when you hear "Happy Smiling Nipple Boy." Interspersed with the first 5 songs on the new album are very ancient, true-to-"Bob," back-to-the-Pamphlet sermons by the all-star SubGenius preacher, Father Joe Mama. And we delve even deeper into the Church archives with songs from the cassette tape album of the 1980s, ""Bob's" Earwax," especially the works of Rev. G. Don Trubey (of The Dancing Cigarettes). Also: The Psycho Skeletons (two new instrumentals) and the ever-hardened Mr. F. LeMur.

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