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Hour of Slack #1470 - Nate Eagle, Carny Talker

First part: some Starwood Stangrant, some St. Andrew the Impales X-Day, Papa Joe rant, GGG rant, and clips of antique carny talker NATE EAGLE, thanks to precious recordings relocted by Rev. Taylor Jessen in The Firesign Theatre's vaults! After that, it's a no-holds barred, any-throw take-down with lip wrestlers Stang, Wei and Lonecow. Spock vs. Darth Vader. Stang and Doe's story of Obama's psy-ops, spying on us and Mr. Sister using Google Earth vans, staged accidents, bugs implanted in bugs, robot bird drones. Stop snoring, Sleeple! Invaders from Canadia. Schizophrenic? What's the dif? Abduble Personality. That cult of Isis worshippors in the Mideast -- DAVE DISAPPEARS! Obama cut him off! Fudd 'em if they can't take a joke. 

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