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Hour of Slack #1496 - Stang's Complete Sermon at Starwood Festival 2014

Starwood Festival lets Rev. Ivan Stang motormouth for an hour straight every year, and this time we didn't chop up the recording. Aside from the LeMur titles it's all Stang's voice, so consider yourself forewarned. First, for the newbs, "SubGenius 101" is delivered (and most can just fast-forward through that). Then Stang reads Rev. Baby Bear's written rant, "PAY ATTENTION," before rattling on off the top of his head about The Conspiracy, stupid racist rednecks, things that were invented by Africans (such as walking upright and tool using), and climate change. Staunch conservatives may want to skip past this section also. The Sacred Scribe then delivers a short tribute to Starwood and its late and truly great co-founder Jeff Rosenbaum (St. Stymie deBergerac to Subs). Stang brags to the pagans about how he tricked the SubGeniuses into getting off their butts and entering the Wisteria woods at X-Day, then bellows out yet another rant originally written by Rev. Baby Bear. The sermon ends in the very nick of time.

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