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Hour of Slack #1499 - rerun of #679

This is a rerun of #679, mixed on tape on April 16, 1999, right after Stang's first marriage broke up and the Hour of Slack mixing studio was moved into a shabby Dallas bachelor apartment. (It was RE-reran as #1014 in 2005.) It's pretty good! Contents of this fast-paced episode include: Ancient Puzzling Evidence, media barrages, Onan Canobite music, SubG preaching by Pope Meyer and David Lynch, Byron Werner "Doktor" collages, Mark Mothersbaugh SubMusic, Dokstok III music, Stang's rants at Winterstar 99, rare ARISE! narration out-takes by Stang instead of Dr. Hal; some great ranting and jams by Stang with Einstein's Secret Orchestra from a rehearsal tape; a song by an Italian SubGenius band; Sister Krys ranting on WFMU; The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name; ESO collages by Chas Smith; Rev. Susie the Floozie collages; King of Slack Bill T. Miller music; ESO radio with LC Dave and Stang; and a Rev. Friday Jones rant. 

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