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Hour of Slack #1555 - The First Two SubGenius Albums (1981)

Another OLDEST old-fashioned Hour of Slack rerun -- from 1981, before the Hour of Slack! This one mixes the last part of Media Barrage #1 with the first collection of "Bob" hymns, the album Bobsongs 1. Our first two albums! The early Doktors on it are Philo Drummond, Ivan Stang, the late Dr. X (Lamont Duvoe), The Pink Boys, Gary G'Broagfran, Puzzling Evidence, LIES, Glassmadness, Doktors for Odin, Doktors 4 Wotan, Drs. 4 "Bob," Rev. Kevin Wilson, Roberto de la Rosa (aka Rev. David Boone), the mysterious Doug3 of Houston and Rev. Buck Naked. Includes preaching cuts from early 1980 devivals held in back yards, Wotan and Doktormusic sessions, and some truly heartfelt "Bob" hymns. (This compilation first appeared as Hour of Slack #1074.)

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