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Hour of Slack #1560 - Infectious Radio

The song "Overtime"" by The Fantastic Plastics opens the show. The rest is a collection of clips from Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia on WCSB Cleveland, recorded during January and February. Caller Stang (sounding croaky with a cold, calling from Stang Ranch in Texas) introduces his political theories regarding the Loudly Complaining Party versus the "prattling Prabobs of positivity" and answers questions about Ted Cruz. Lonesome Cowboy Dave explains Demonic Pneumonics. A number of suggestions are advanced as to which Hollywood star should play Dr. Sinister. The new movement of Stupid Pride is discussed but then The Management calls in and informs Dr. Sinister that there will be big changes in his show. In other segments, Stang declares War on Warren and everything else. Glue sniffing and cliff-jumping as teenage rebellion fads are discussed, as are the sad vain attempts by so many SubGenius teens to get laid by trying to seem normal.

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