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This episode consists of the first parts of three other shows! First up is Dr. Philo Drummond's last in-person Puzzling Evidence appearance, from June 2017 just before he moved to Dokstok Mountain. Next up is part of an Austin radio show about movies, Lights Camera Austin, with Rev. Stang and director Sandy Boone being interviewed about the SubGenius documentary movie (premiering at SXSW in March). Finally there's the beginning of a very strange Time for the Show show, with Rev. Stang calling in on a crappy Discord line from his laptop, because those hosts must have wanted Stang to sound much drunker than he actually was. HOWEVER! The show opens with a Massive Hotdog Recall sign about America's first transgender mayor, and a new sermon (or reflection rather) by Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite. Titles and Gnus by LeMur as usual.


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