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Dr. Hal, Dr. Drummond and Rev. Stang have been doing live SubGenius radio for so long that they could do it in their sleep, and this recording from July 3, "2019," at the 22X-Day Drill, may well prove it, even though the three old pros seem to be fighting constantly and perhaps fighting sleep as well. (In fact all three are stone deaf and talking in their sleep.) Highlights include a tour of The Salton Sea and a thorough dissertation on suggested SubGenius Weird Tourist Destinations, such as the California desert shooting locations of thousands of movies, and fabulously bulldada roadside attractions -- the specialty of many cross-country California and Texas Old Radio Doktors. The biggest problem with fighting The Conspiracy is addressed fearlessly, as is what it's like to be the lone Spock on a spaceship full of Zap Brannigans. The Hunt for The Killer "Bob" Dobbs at a previous Drill is re-lived vividly. The end comes suddenly.

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