The SubGenius Hour of Slack Podcast
The Church of the SubGenius Weekly Radio Ministry

This is one of those mash-ups of three very different live SubGenius shows and a bunch of weird music and nicely tortured noises. There's also an actual new 10-minute Written Stang Rant, "Sorry, Non-Boomer" (albeit only partially written by Stang), which reveals "Bob's" revised SubGenius slogans for older SubGeniuses. We premiere two GREAT new songs from The Rudy Schwartz Project, including the brainworm "Dead Nazi by the Side of the Road" as well as a new Slot Rods/Angry Larry surfpunk thrashstramental. It's the Battle of the Buzz with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in and making his own reality, intercut with a 22X-Day session with the Puzzling Evidence Show stalwarts, Dr. Hal and Philo Drummond (minus Puzzling Evidence himself). We also hear a strange stretch with Philo and Hal with the mysterious SubGenius called "X." Collage work by Lemur and RastaBilly Bob round out the rough edges, or perhaps roughen up the smooth edges. The performance name "M.C. Squaredance" is copyright 2019 Ivan Stang. Patent pending.

See the Hour of Slack page on SubSITE for list of broadcast stations in the U.S. and Canada:

Archive of hundreds of Hours of Slack from the 1990s, in MP3, thanks to St. David Bachner:

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