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This MIGHT be the greatest Hour of Slack episode of all time -- and it was a lost episode until this week! It's our sixty-ninth episode, from late 1986, and it was a kind of a "best of" collection of some of the best stuff that many SubGeniuses recorded up until then. Includes songs, rants, and collages by Slackmaster Cleve, Byron Werner, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang, Doug #3, Gary G'Broagfran, Sister Krys (her sermon on "The 'Feminist' Conspiracy!"), The Firesign Theater, Ken Nordine, Oingo Boingo, G. Gordon Gordon, and the great Doktorz 4 "Bob"! Thanks to Rev. Rasfeld for recording this off the air when it first aired in Dallas, and somehow keeping the recording for 34 years!

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