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Because most of the stations that run our show are programming their stations remotely, we provide them this MP3 because it's easier than having to deal with the potentially virus-laden CDs we might normally mail them. The Broadcast version is always under one hour, sometimes much shorter than the Internet version.

THIS EPISODE: Half brand new and topical, half old as Hell and possibly as old as dirt -- and ALL KILLER! Stang's "Local Captain Trumps Report" culminates in some SICK (sic) versions of classic SubGenius slogans and "Bob" lines. This followed by 24 minutes of some of the best old-time Church Media Barrage, mixed with some Stang rants and "news" from around 1987 -- including a reading of a GREAT Paul Mavrides short story called "World Without Slack" starring Jesus Christ and Jim Jones on a Battle Saucer on X-Day. Uncut version of audio clips used in ARISE! And part of the Mister Science Lecture Series regarding the elementary particle, the Mutron. At the end is one of the weirdest Rudy Schwartz Projects tunes EVER, but just before the end, we play Bob Dylan's first song in eight years, the 17-minute epic "Murder Most Foul" -- which might make you bawl your eyes out IF you are 66 years old and grew up in Dallas. And had Puzzling Evidence for a buddy.

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