The SubGenius Hour of Slack Podcast
The Church of the SubGenius Weekly Radio Ministry

This is an hour of nothing but Rev. Ivan Stang alternately hollering and muttering to the live audience at the 39th Starwood Festival in July 2019. (Stang has ranted at the last 29 Starwoods, almost always on Saturday afternoon at the main stage.) We beg your forgiveness but we have to crank these things out or else resort to reruns. Topics include: Stang's health (he's old). When X-Day Comes. A SubGenius dialog about love, hate, and stinky socks from The Handsome and Mature Gentlemen's Club, a secret society. News of the Church -- the movie, and NEIGHBORWORLD. Stang on his actual job, President Cartman's fan club and Self-Validating Philosophies, what happens when all world electronics fry in a solar storm, and the unprecedented polarization between urban and rural Americans. Highlight: Stang does a dramatic reading of an amazing fire-in-the-belly rant written by Rev. Baby Bear, originally meant to be delivered by her at an aborted Starwood-related event. Stang addresses the way some SubGenius's actual minor superpowers are termed "disabilities" by the Conspiracy, and there is a Q&A at the end about underwear.


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