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This remaster of #44 comes from the prehistoric days of 1986, when audio was edited on, at best, 1/4" reel-to-reel tape using a splicer and lots of little reels, and copious paper notes, or else, at worst, two cassette tape decks and a "record-pause" button. Seems like it was somehow... better... oh, well. Along with excellent remastered copies of the otherwise unreleased Media Barrage #8, this also features a then-young Spouting team calling themselves The Rat Cave. THEY WERE GREAT! As heard below. Everything is punctuated by an ongoing rant by the Angry Young Stang about how subversion of the current regime is always itself subverted by being turned into a fashion. AS TRUE TODAY AS IT WAS THEN! Maybe much worse. Also: a choice section of Michael Peppe's rant-masterpiece "Ad," and some pretty disturbing ending thoughts from Roberto de la Rosa, cracked son of David Boone. And Negativland, Nash the Slash, Alan Watts, Oingo Boingo. The good old days. If you're old.

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